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Phuket heritage town

Phuket Heritage Town

Phuket town have the long history from 1st century B.C. by colonists from India Since the 16th century, the Europeans have been interested in the tin trade of Phuket. The called the island 'Junk Ceylon' (Ujong Thalang). Tin mining boomed, and the very capable and benevolent governor Rasada Korsimbi helped diversify the island's economy and the capital city of Phuket began its modern expansion.
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The town of Phuket grew rapidly, its streets lined with handsome buildings, and ships from all over the world called at its bustling port. Now the tin market is gone but the treasure of that period, the old Sino-Portuguese buildings are still attract people who come to visit Phuket.

Most of the buildings in Phuket's city center were constructed nearly a hundred years ago. These building show mixed Chinese and western influences in their architecture called Sino-Portuguese. It is a style common to all coastal tin-mining settlements on the Malay Peninsula . Many lovely examples can be found on Thalang, Krabi, Dibuk, Phangnga, Rasada, Ranong, Yaowarat, Phuket Roads a nd more. If you take a walk you will pass many of the more important of these buildings.

Though the old town is no longer the commercial hub of Phuket, most of the shophouses are still functioning as shops and residences. Today there is a gentrification as antique shops, cafes and European restaurants are making their appearance.

Soi Rommanee

Soi Rommanee use to be abandon for many year. Now with the new renovation Soi Rommanee is bright again. Many coffee shop and souvenir shop are opened.
Phuket Thai Hua Museum
Phuket Thai Hua Museum
Phuket Thaihua Museum is on Krabi Road .
This Sino- Portuguese building is built on 1934. it use to be Chiness school, inside shows model of classroom with teaching instruments, old books and photo of memories. Another parts of museum is a collecting items of Chiness immigrants in Phuket.
Thalang Road
Phuket old town
Thalang Road is one of the oldest road in Phuket and still be the major area of Sino-Portuguese building. Most building are 2- story ones. There are many of these building which are still in good conditions and now all electric cabsle are buried underground.
Phra Phitak Chinpracha Mansion
Phuket old town
Phra Phitak Chinpracha Mansion is on Krabi Road. The original owner is Phra Phitak, Chinese tin baron who was born in Phuket. This mansion was built during the Second World War but has been uninhabited for many many years. It now is the located of Blue Elephant Royal Thai Cuisine.
Dibuk Road
Phuket old town
Dibuk in Thai is meant " tin ". A group of commercial building s that remains intact as the owners are descendants of mine owners. The buildings were desingned similarly on the front. There are two layers of doors. The outer layer doors are usually drilled or was performed perforated framework to ventilate the house. The inner lyer door is dense. The tiles were imported directly from Penang and currently remain in good shape in terms of color and design.
Thai Airway Phuket Office
Phuket old town
on Ranong Rd., Built around 1917 - 1922. Thai Airways International bought this mansion on 1947.
Krabi Roadkrabi road Phuket old town

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